Fostering a dog is a truly rewarding experience that enables rescue groups like ours to save hundreds of lives in need. The more committed fosters involved in our network, the more lives we can save.  Here is how our foster program works:

  1. Fill out a foster application.
  2. We will contact you to discuss the type of dog that fits your family and lifestyle.
  3. When a dog in need is matched for your family, we will contact you to discuss bringing the dog into your home.
  4. While the dog is living in your home, you will be expected to provide for the dog as if they were your own. This includes providing food, shelter, establishing boundaries, and addressing any training the dog may need.
  5. After any medical or training issues have been identified and resolved, the dog will be eligible for adoption and begin attending adoption events. Events are held most Saturdays at the Riverton Petsmart from 1pm to 3pm.


We expect each foster to be reliable and committed to their foster dog until their forever home is found. It is a rewarding experience that takes time and patience to help a dog adjust to living in a home environment again. The skills and lifestyle the dog learn while in your home are vital to them living successful lives in their new homes.