Hope at a few months old

Hope came to Ruff Patch Rescue in 2014, and she immediately changed our organization forever. We had always pushed ourselves to help the dogs most in need, but it wasn’t until Hope that we began to work with Spina Bifida cases.

Hope’s condition was severe and the medical opinion on Hope was that she would be unlikely to live past a few months. She proved to the world that she could not only live in spite of her condition, but thrive in life and raise awareness for animals just like her.

After Hope came into our lives, we have been able to save, rehabilitate and provide for a handful of spina bifida cases that we otherwise would not have been prepared to help.

Shortly after intake, Hope became a celebrity and the face of our organization for many. Numerous organizations and individuals reach out to us for updates on Hope. She loved going to social events, and loved absolutely everyone she met.

Her spirit and will to fight were inspiring. She proved a lot of people wrong by living well past a few months to the age of 6 years old. She passed away peacefully on February 14th, 2020. In her final moments she was surrounded by the children she loved so much and held in the arms of her Mother. She left us in a peaceful calm with a deep and meaningful feeling of love. Hope left us with full hearts and stories to tell.

Hopes x-ray
Hope loved her human sisters very much!

Club Hope is all about helping special needs pets get the care and love they deserve. Our members are people who make a monthly donation to help us continue our important work with those who need us most.

You can make a lasting impact by supporting our efforts all year round! Our club members and donors are vital to our organization’s success, and as a special thank you you’ll receive limited edition gifts as a token of our gratitude.

Club Hope was founded in honor of Ruff Patch Rescue’s very first Spina Bifida pup – Hope.