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Club Hope is all about helping special needs pets get the care and love they deserve. Our members are people who make a monthly donation to help us continue our important work with those who need us most.

You can make a lasting impact by supporting our efforts all year round! Our club members and donors are vital to our organization’s success, and as a special thank you you’ll receive limited edition gifts as a token of our gratitude.

Club Hope was founded in honor of Ruff Patch Rescue’s very first Spina Bifida pup – Hope.

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Club Members of any amount will receive limited edition gifts as a token of our gratitude!

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Meet some special members of Club Hope!

These are just a few of the special needs animals that your donations to Club Hope help support!



Sturgill has a condition called megaesophagus. To put it simply, his esophagus is enlarged and has a hard time getting his food into his stomach. This results in regurgitation, weight loss, and the potential for aspiration pneumonia. Megaesophagus might sound complicated, but it is completely manageable with special care – including diet, medication, and eating meals in a device called a bailey chair, which holds him stay upright as he eats. Eating upright opens up the esophagus so that gravity can help move food safely to his stomach.



Like Sturgill, Wadsworth also has megaesophagus. But that doesn’t stop him from being a fun loving and playful pup!