I just adopted a new dog, how should I introduce their new home?

Initially, we suggest keeping the dog on a leash and walking them throughout the entire house. Show the dog where they eat, drink, sleep, and go outside to go potty. Letting a dog roam free immediately can cause unneeded stress and anxiety which can lead to marking and behavior issues. It is important to let them know there are rules in the home and begin any new routines right away – such as crate training. Monitoring the dogs behavior for the first 48 hours is recommended.


I just adopted a new dog, how should I introduce them to my current dog?

Introducing a puppy is very different from introducing an adult dog. While puppies can be easy going, adults tend to be more aware of their surroundings. Meeting outside and going for a walk together is the best way to break the ice. Taking turns with each dog leading is vital to allow them opportunities to smell each other. By the end of the talk, they should be side by side and enter the home together. Once in the home, keep both dogs leashed until they have been introduced to the new home appropriately.

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