Tips on Introducing a New Pet to a New Home

I just adopted a new dog, how should I introduce their new home? Initially, we suggest keeping the dog on a leash and walking them throughout the entire house. Show the dog where they eat, drink, sleep, and go outside to go potty. Letting a dog roam free immediately can cause unneeded stress and anxiety […]

Training Resources

If you are struggling with behavior issues with your family dog, we strongly suggest seeking out a professional trainer. Ruff Patch Rescue works with and highly recommends K9 Lifeline located in Draper. BASIC BEHAVIORS Dog Body Language Basics Introducing dogs Things to do with your dog BEHAVIOR CHALLENGES Barking Cat chasing Chewing Digging Escaping Head Halters Jumping Loud […]

How to Choose the Right Pet for You

How do I pick the right dog for my home and family? Knowing the questions to ask and research ahead of time can prove vital to picking the best dog and breed for your home. Here are some questions we suggest considering before looking for a new companion. What is my and my family’s activity […]